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Tax Audits

Our parents encourage us to “play fair.” Unfortunately, when an individual or a business must face the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board, or the California State Board of Equalization, nothing seems “fair.” It does not always feel like a level playing field when the government notifies taxpayers that they owe unpaid taxes, interest, and penalties; or that they failed to timely file multiple years of tax returns triggering huge penalties; or that the government intends to perform an audit and assess additional taxes. Confronted with such government assertions, the goal often becomes clear: negotiate a satisfactory settlement without having to proceed all the way to a court trial. Palm Desert tax debt and collection lawyers Sanger & Molever can help taxpayers with large unpaid taxes.

Audit Representation

If you have a dispute with the IRS about the tax consequences of a transaction, or about a deduction you claimed, or the character of income you reported, and your CPA needs back up, the Sanger & Molever law firm might help. The Sanger & Molever firm has represented numerous clients at various levels of the tax litigation spectrum. Howard Sanger and Jeff Molever have over 85 years of combined tax experience. Both Howard Sanger and Jeff Molever have been hired as experts to assist CPAs and other lawyers in income tax, estate tax, and property tax matters. You do not want to go into a tax dispute with the government, “unarmed.” If you or your accountant need the help of a tax attorney, with a pending IRS audit, call the Palm Desert Sanger & Molever firm of tax lawyers.

Client Reviews
The Sanger firm has represented my family for greater than a generation, creating and recreating our family trust and wills, as well as innumerable leases and other contracts. I have solid trust in Howard's abilities, particularly his tenacious attention to detail and client needs.

I cannot recommend anyone higher.
Before your negotiations with the IRS, the IRS's levies and tax liens, would have driven us out of business. Thanks to your negotiations with the IRS Revenue Officer, our company was not shut down, and our company is now back on its feet, and again successfully operating. Plus, an extra special "thanks" for serving as a buffer between us and the antagonistic IRS Revenue Officer whose aggressive "enforced collection" threats, made it impossible for me to sleep at night, and left me with blood pressure far above 80/120. M.Y.